55 years of excellence in education with Christian values!


The starting point is the vision and call of a Christian community to fulfill its mission of reconciliation and service in the area of formal education. Certain members of that community are affirmed in their gifts and training in order to take an active professional role, particularly as teachers and administrators.

Our foundation affirms strongly the participation of Christ’s Spirit in the midst of the learning community that is established. This involves a critical assessment and rejection of models and assumptions expressed in manipulative educational styles and practices. A comprehensive view of education is affirmed as well as the centrality of the child whose agenda of personal self and development is essential in our educational endeavors.

The educators need to learn together and from each other in mutual service and celebration is stressed, yet acknowledging particular teaching gifts and positions. Teamwork is strongly encouraged while honoring leading-administrative functions together with the recognition of the ultimate presence and guidance of the Spirit.

All this necessitates the continuing support and encouragement of the Christian community and calls for a consistent effort to project the school’s educational mission in the context of home and community.


Ortiz, López, Jessica M.

MAE Early Childhood, Phoenix University.

Maymí Torres, Ivettemarie

BBA Educación Preescolar, UPR-RUB.

Lugo Ramos, Zuleyca

BBA Educación Elemental Universidad Interamericana.

Santana Peña, Jacqueline

BBA Educación Elemental K-3, UPR.

Lebrón Ortiz, Ginette

BBA Educación Elemental K-3 - MA Currículo, UCB / UMET.

Juarbe Olivencia, Kritzia

Educación Preescolar / MA Neuropsicología, UPR / Interamericana.

Piñero Soto, Frances

BBA Educación Elemental, Universidad Interamericana

Avilés Flores, Laura

BBA Educación Elemental. UPR-RUB

González Torres, Maribel

BBA Educación Elemental - 12 Crd. MA Currículo, Universidad Interamericana.

Rivera Hernández,Yessely

BBA TESOL Elemental, Universidad Interamericana.

Rivera Ríos, Laura

BBA Educación Elem. 4to-6to - Educ. Preescolar, UPR

Quiles Rivera, Anna

BBA Educación Elemental 4to-6to, UMET.

Acevedo García, Miguel

BBA- Music, Berkeley Univ.

Rodríguez Sánchez, Karimar

BBA Educación Elemental K-3, UPR.

Concepción Acevedo, Ann

BBA Educación Física, UPR.

Ramos Martínez, Ruth

BBA Educación Cristiana, UTC.

Hernández Nieves, José

MA-Español, UPR.


García Delgado, Déborah

TESOL- Secundario, UPR.

Torres Santiago, Magda

BBA Español / MA Currículo, UPR / UNE.

Pérez Rivera, Roxanna

BBA Humanidades / MA. Idiomas Extrangeros, UPR.

Colón Arroyo, Justin S.

BBA- Ciencias Sociales - Educación Especial. MA-Divinidad, UPR/SEPR.

Ballester Zenón, Marta

MA Currículo e Instrucción Bilingüe y Bicultural, UCONN Univ.

Román Bogantes, Aris R.

BBA Educación Secundaria Matemáticas, UPR- RUM.

Rivera Badillo, Yaritza

BS Matemáticas / MA-Currículo, Interamericana / UMET.

López Negrón, Ricardo

BBA Ciencias del Ejercicio y Promoción de Salud Sagrado Corazón.

Christensen Armstrong, Franklyn

MA Ciencias / Matemáticas, Phoenix University.

Robles Padilla, Delia

MA Español, UPR.

Torres Rivera, Joel

BBA- Artes / MA-Religión, Universidad Interamericana.


Santiago Pagán, Carmen

BA- Trabajo Social, UPR.

Ramón Hernández, Sonia

MA- Educ. Orient. y Cons. UPR.

Rodríguez Núñez, María S.

BA- Bibliotecología, UPR.

Rodríguez Torres, Odette

ME- Enfermería, UPR.

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